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services overview

Performance ECU Mapping

The term remapping or tuning of a modern ECU entails the modification of a vehicles standard manufacturers’ file content that controls the operation of the engine. We use the original file from each individual vehicle to ensure all manufacturers’ software updates and details remain intact.

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MAPTEC Eco ECU Mapping

Eco mapping provides better performance but with the advantage of reduced fuel consumption. This is a balance of performance tuning with fine reductions in optimal power output, in exchange for reduced fuel use. By creating this type of eco file parameters, the engine uses less fuel during sustained driving patterns, but still allows the extra punch of power when required. Especially good for towing and touring in Australia.


When you are building an off road vehicle and you do not legally require the use of these expensive, power sapping devices, Maptec can simply turn them off for you whilst custom tuning your ECU for maximum output.

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The immo feature is something many on road vehicle manufacturers have used since the late 80’S to combat theft. The ignition key is coded to the ECU or Immobilisation box to ensure only the correct coded key can start the engine. When using a different engine in a new chassis sometimes it is not possible to use the original wiring and immobilisation system. So to overcome this, we can turn off the immobilisation feature. This removes the requirement of having the same key to start the engine. This is great for engine conversions and tuning at the same time.

race and track

We cater for many different race and track day car requirements. We can custom tune to suit all your modifications and needs. We can also supply and install hybrid upgrade turbo chargers and fuel system upgrades as required.

ECU Recovery

We have recovered and repaired many so called “dead” ECUs. We use the latest systems and tools to bring back to life ECUs that have been accidently locked out or interrupted during programming. We require none working ECUs too be sent into our main office for assessment, repairs and testing.

Hardware Options

Hardware such as hybrid highflow turbo’s, fuel system mods, air intake and exhaust system changes can be optioned. The use of additional custom hybrid turbo chargers, with high power fuel systems can greatly enhance the performance and efficiency of your engine. Matched correctly, these modifications can add up to 50% more than the original stock output at the wheels.

Become a dealer

We use various tools to read and write data for the many types of ECU’s that are used by vehicle manufacturers. We offer a dealer tuning opportunity for workshops looking for the ability to provide same day custom tuning services for their customers. We offer Australian support during Australian working hours, you will not have to wait overnight for overseas files or for us to “write the file overnight when it’s quiet” like you may be offered by other tuners. Send us an email to find out how to become a Maptec dealer and get the best software for your customers.