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About Us

Maptec is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in ECU (Engine Control Unit) software modifications on all types of vehicles including Cars, 4X4, Trucks, Bikes, Agricultural and Marine. This includes recalibration of all relevant tables in their original HEX code allowing us to optimise the efficiency and reliability of your vehicle whilst giving the best results in performance and fuel economy. We modify the raw HEX code 100% in-house the same way the ECU manufacturer wrote the original software and not via proprietary software from overseas suppliers. We won’t miss crucial mapping areas that other software editing systems more than often do. The other benefits of writing all software in house here in Australia is that we can write it the same day you bring your vehicle in and it will be written to suit Australia – it’s climate and fuels.

We have over 35 years of experience in vehicle management software systems and performance enhancements. Unlike many performance companies offering software upgrades, we have both the mechanical engineering experience and electronic know how that allows us to fully understand the requirements and the effects that the software changes will have on an engine mechanically to ensure optimum vehicle safety and protection is maintained.

After developing software on a state of the art 4WD MAHA chassis dyno for many years in Europe for a major tuning company, vehicle manufacturers and providing custom tuning files for around the world, our in-house software team have now settled here in Australia. With Australian conditions being so unique and diverse being based here is the only true way to gain the right understanding to be able to customise all aspects of the tuning to suit the harsh Australian climate and fuel. In Australia we have also been assisting manufacturers Head Offices with performance software, software diagnostics and testing.

We use the latest reading and writing hardware from a number of leading manufacturers such as Alientech, Byteshooter and EVC and we are continuously expanding our hardware as technology develops.