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Performance ECU Mapping

The term remapping or tuning of a modern ECU entails the modification of a vehicles standard manufacturers’ file content that controls the operation of the engine. We use the original file from each individual vehicle to ensure all manufacturers’ software updates and details remain intact. We do not use a generic overseas file that is simply written over the top of your vehicles current file. These overseas files are written using modifications of a standard file from a country in which the tuner originated and do not contain software updates implemented by Australian dealerships for safety and reliability for use in our harsh conditions. We will only ever write a modified version of the file which last started the vehicle back into the ECU, because even a standard file from an Australian vehicle can vary in Bytes by up to 90% between one vehicle and another of the same type, model, month and year.

We optimise in-house the many various settings within the vehicles ECU to give you the extra smooth and powerful delivery you require, without compromising any inbuilt safety features of the factory system. Unlike many so called tuning companies, we access the ECU file that controls the engine running features and recalibrate all the operating tables. We then make the check sum calculations to maintain the ECU’s operation before writing the file back to the ECU.

We have seen many examples of poorly modified ECU files. Most having missed critical areas of map tables that leave the operation of the engine severely compromised. Some mapping systems do not use the manufacturer’s code table formats and cannot modify all of the required tables during modification. At Maptec we only use the original manufacturer’s code tables, working within all of the original safety systems.

As for those in Australia that claim they write tuning files and software 95% of these people use a proprietary software which is a program that tries to identify map areas to modify by downloading different drivers and then are only able to be modified through their system. The problem with this is that for example a 1.5% change on this software then normally converts to a different amount in raw HEX code meaning the tune or adjustments are not the values thought to be in the file. The other issues with this type of software is that often Map areas are overlooked by the programmer that wrote the drivers for the software, meaning some tables such as fuel, torque management or temperature etc can be easily missed in files. Some companies overseas offer a short 4-7 day training course after which people think they are tuners capable of writing software. This obviously is not the case if you are after a premium and safe tune and does not compare to the 20 years of software writing and dyno experience that we have.