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When you are building an off road vehicle and you do not legally require the use of these expensive, power sapping devices, Maptec can simply turn them off for you whilst custom tuning your ECU for maximum output.

In the case of a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) a remap will allow you to install a DPF delete pipe without the issues of engine or DPF lights activating and trying to go into burn. As you know the DPF part of your exhaust system is a restriction on exhaust gas flow, by turning off this function in the ECU more exhaust gas flow can be achieved, instantly delivering more power.

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) feature recirculates exhaust gasses through the engines intake system, making the engine run on previously burnt fumes. By switching this off, only fresh air with clean oxygen will enter the engines combustion system, allowing a cleaner more powerful fuel burn.

The CAT (Catalytic Converter) usually has a relatively short life and the original manufacturers replacements are very expensive. They generally tend to melt into a ball shape and partially block the exhaust or break up into many pieces and restrict exhaust flow throughout the rest of the exhaust system. The best bet here is to install a straight through pipe or high flow CAT and let us turn off or modify the feature within the ECU map tables, releasing yet more power and efficiency.